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ALIGNED ABA was founded by two clinically trained colleagues who are dedicated to empowering children of all types, along with their families and professionals in the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) field. Our goal is to facilitate meaningful behavior changes for the individuals we work with. We are driven by a desire to expand the integrity of ABA to support the growth and development of each child we connect with. We present a uniquely individualized and progressive approach for children, equipping them with the necessary skills to thrive in the world. Our philosophy emphasizes teaching a wide range of meaningful skills in a structured and systematic manner, complimented by a naturalistic approach, to create a balanced learning experience for each child and their family.

Our Story

The Co-Creators of ALIGNED ABA, Rika Hawes M.S. BCBA and Elizabeth Wong M.S. BCBA, initially met and began collaborating at a clinic in Seal Beach, California, sharing a passion for intensive ABA learning. Drawing from our shared experiences and the mentorship of professionals in the field, we were inspired to disseminate ABA in a systematic and progressive manner, while also enhancing the quality of ABA training and implementation.


Our roles in this mission are multifaceted. With a combined experience of over 25 years and a deep understanding of the dedication and energy required for intensive therapeutic ABA, we have served as:

  • Behavior clinicians working directly in 1:1

  • Led social skills groups

  • Provide school shadow support

  • Mentored and trained professionals in the field,

  • Offered coaching and support to parents and families

  • and fostered collaboration with various disciplines within the ABA community


As integral members of ALIGNED ABA, our commitment drives us to believe that consistent engagement in every aspect of a child’s journey is essential to making a meaningful impact.

"Keeping the Integrity of ABA for a meaningful impact"


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