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Kid Standing on Bench

Our Services

Structured Learning

We Are Trained To Teach Learning How To Learn Behaviors by Presenting Learning New Behaviors in a Structured and Systematic Setting in addition to incorporating:

  • Flexible Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT)

Play & Social Skills

Guiding The Child's Learning Through Play by Expanding and Exposing the Child To Various Activities' and Potential Interests. Finding Creative Means To Help Grow Meaningful Social Connections by

  • Positive Sibling Interactions

  • Play-Dates or Hangouts 

  • Using the Teaching Interaction Procedure (TIP) and practicing during a structured 1:1 environment.

Communication Development

Assessing where your Child's Communication Needs are by Creating Opportunities To Cultivate Language To Get Their Nerds and Wants Met Through Play and Natural Opportunities

School Support

We have Experience Working as a Support Staff in Public and Private Schools as Direct Support Shadows and Providing Consultation For Our Behavior Clinicians.

Essential Life Skills

We Can Help Focus on Your Child's Daily Needs:

  • Food Tolerance

  • Toilet Training

  • Safety and Community Skills

Parent Support & Coaching

By Providing Parent Support in The Home and Community Helps Bridge the Developments of Your Child's Learning in Their 1:1 Sessions Along With Continuously Supporting The Family at Home.

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